The Captains are the leaders of their teams. They can be onboard or just coordinate. They are all heroes in the country they represent, legendary sailors who can inspire the younger generations and the athletes that join the team. The Captains choose five of ten sailors, the other five are coming from the SSL Ranking, making the Captains selection even more strategic as they have to take into consideration different aspects, like experience on big boats, strength, weight, and much more.


SSL Team Thailand Captain  Noppakao “Nai” Poonpat, in Thai, Nai means Boss. She manages to get her way and win events. Most notably 2 Asian Games Gold Medals, and the Optimist World Championships. Nai also finished a noteworthy 4th at the 29er world championships after having only sailed in the boat for two weeks! When it comes to her putting her mind to winning she ends up on top.

She has been away from the sport for a couple of years and has recently become a fully licensed pharmacist and has opened a Pharmacy in Bangkok! Her hiatus from sailing was, however, not a full hiatus, as she would continue to helm a TP 52 team that has been dominant in Asia over the last 4 years.